Oxygen Concentrator 2-9L Adjustable Oxygen Flow DDT-2A



Dedakj oxygen concentrator is the best oxygen supplemental machine, you can get fresh oxygen anytime at home or in your office.

  • oxygen concentrator have been tested for 3000 hours of continuous working, the oxygen machine still can provide steady high purity oxygen.
  • The molecular sieve is imported from France, which can guarantee the oxygen concentration.
  • High quality compressor from Germany make sure very quiet operation(<45db), it’s perfect for you while sleeping.

Dedakj oxygen concentrator is best homecare oxygen machine, good for oxygen supplemental at home or in your office, our machine have stocked in US warehouse with free shipping.

Specifications of  oxygen concentrator:

  • Max oxygne purity: 90%(±3%)
  • Oxygen concentration range: 30%-90%(±3%)
  • Oxygen flow : 2L-9L/min adjustable
  • Anion output: 6 Million/CM3
  • Display control: LED screen & remote control
  • Size: 404 x 182 x 383mm
  • Net weight:8 KG
  • Control distance: 20M
  • Rated current: 1A
  • Voltage: 220V or 110V
  • Power: 230W


Benefits and features of oxygen machine:

  • Several filters and high-grade France Molecular Sieve guarantee oxygen purity
  • Quiet operation with high quality German conpressor, Ideal for user while sleeping
  • Sustainable stable working to supply oxygen
  • Sensitive alarm system to notice the user if anything wrong
  • Clear display with LED screen and easy controls by remote
  • Compact construction gives the O2 concentrator small size
  • lightweight, which can be moved to anywhere easily
  • Efficient power consumption and low maintance

Package include:

1 x 3 meter oxygen tube ( including water storing equipment)
1 x Earhook oxygen inhaler
1 x Nasal cannula
1 x Remote control(without battery)
1 x Power cord
1 x Nose-sucking oxygen outlet mouth
1 x Filter and plug
1 x Oxygen outlet mouth and fuse












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